I work with women all over the world and here is what some of them have to say about my program:

“I’ve known Yolanda for years and have always been inspired by her healthy lifestyle.
I was nervous about approaching her because I am already gluten intolerant and even I find that difficult to live with(!) But she’s been an incredible resource! I’ve learned so much. My confidence has sky rocketed so much, I am now pursuing a sugar free life as well and already feel so amazing!

I didn’t set out to lose weight but since I changed my eating habits, with her guidance, I’ve shed 3 inches. I can’t thank her enough for the confidence she has given me and working with me on my food allergies, with in my schedule, and on my budget.”

     ~ Lisa, Nashville


“I have been working with Yolly for over two months now and have felt my health, mental health and fitness improve four fold. I have always maintained a good level of fitness and good clean living, but while i have been working with Yolly, she has showed me a whole other way to live. Yolly’s Coaching stretches further than good recipes, she offers support through every other aspect of life, whether it be finding solutions for work, relationships, spirituality or just a good podiatrist, Yolly is a mentor throughout.

I am lucky to have her in my life and cannot recommend her highly enough.”

     ~ Emily, London