• What would we always find in your kitchen?

    We always have nuts, homemade seeds butters, dried fruits, lentils, beans, quinoa and brown rice. Our freezer is full of dried berries, homemade tomato sauces and lots of spinach. There is always dark leafy greens and salads, homemade energy balls and fruit.
  • What is the best diet?

    Simply put the best diet is the one that makes you feel the best. The only way to know what this is through trial and error. Google, magazines and diet books do not know your body and how it reacts to foods. You do. That said I believe that food should be eaten in its natural state. By eating one ingredient foods you are optimising your health and filling your body with essential vitamins and minerals. This will decrease cravings and increase your energy.
  • What is more important sport or exercise?

    In my opinion they go hand in hand, but I have always said that athletes are made in the kitchen. You can train every day but if you are eating badly then you are simply not going to get the results you deserve. Sport is vital, we are designed to move. It is a powerful mood booster and a great heart protector. Find something you love. Commit and make it happen.
  • What about sugar?

    Honestly it is the one 'food' that I think we should all try to minimise in our diet. I am not banning fruit but I do think that refined sugar has no nutritional value and is often the root cause of many illnesses and diseases that we contend with. If you are not convinced then go sugar free for a day and see how you feel. I offer sugar free workshops and courses throughout the year with astounding results.