I was once just like you. Well-meaning, a bit sidetracked and trying to have it all in this crazy, fast-lane society. Truth is, I was trying to keep a roof over my head before I’d properly laid any foundations.

We all want that great job, the period home, the soulmate and the amazing look. We want to run marathons, eat organic, make jam, have cool kids and get to Coachella. We want to laugh and cry and be a best friend. And then blog the filtered, edited version to the world to show how much fun we’re having. I know I did.

I too was riding this wave, and then I got cancer. The percentages say I shouldn’t be here, but I am here and thriving. It’s down to luck, medicine, balance and my knowledge as a health coach.

I now know that health isn’t just a healthy body. It’s a foundation for life. For feeling amazing, sharp and focused. And I coach people like you to be this way. To understand food, but not obsess about it. To use health as a launchpad. To glow from the inside, not just from the skin. To build your amazing life

Feed your body, nurture your soul